Dream as Bet van Beeren

Artefact: Online report, ‘Een brug is een mooier eerbeton dan een lintje’ ( ‘A bridge is a more beautiful tribute than a ribbon.’), Amstel Television 5, 24 February, 2017. 
A mouth filled with concrete
Limbs poured until they’re stretched and set
Feet trampling over her arched back
Short Stormsteeg
To Short Sneeze
Overweight owls losts with maps
Wearing her out as they try to find
Pizza Hut
Or the perfect snap
A blond journalist stands on the crest
In stilettos
Repeating into a news camera
A Bridge is More Beautiful than a Ribbon
Fluffing her line
Getting cross with herself
Flushing red
Bet can feel the sharp heels
Wriggling with embarrassment
Wants this TV owl to get on with it quick
Is also pissed at the sentiment
Doesn’t feel beautiful as a bridge
Newly transformed into her clumpy architectural role
Stuck in one position
Of service to the majority masses
Traipsing over canals
Kissing for the sunset
Into phone reflections
Owl hands all over each other out here
Unthinking in their privilege of being allowed everything, always
Let them piss off
A ribbon can move
In the breeze and cause havoc
A leather ribbon can straddle a humming bike
Roar around the city in the small hours
Basket of pike and perch
Roach, rudd, bream
Long and glistening eels coiled in their own pot
Dark slivers of nighttime and the underneath
Biking with these treasures
Out to the city’s beauties
She’s got a starmap plotted in her mind
West one midnight
Past the canning factory
South in the early hours
Crossing the wet green of the park
East, North
A constellation encircling the city at every degree 
Hot dykes sliding open upstairs windows
Rattled by small stones
Flung up into the hungry air
A ribbon can fly free from a sailor’s suit
Get up on the bar and bawl
Stomp raucously with heavy soles
Thumping polished wood
Ricochet headboards, multiple
Attics, suburbs, round the way
Make a Dutch barge shake in the water
A blue satin ribbon can slip the vice squad
Flick a switch
Dangle from the ceiling
Up out of sight
Shimmying in the hot air
Steaming from the desire to kiss
Hazy, hazy
Ribbon ends grazing the unending soup
Smart talk and dirt talk
Mouths opening
Pastries flaking 
Lips wide