Crow Journal 10

08 / 05 / 2023

Thoughts about crows, sightings, encounters, communication ... 
An update on the six-thread braid. I made it. Not well, but I made it. It’s messy and I’m wondering it it’s messy because of my lack of skill with something new, because the materials I’m using (which are lumpy and uneven), or just if six thread braids are something that is inherently messy.

This morning I made a thing. It starts with a six-thread braid section that then splits into two three-thread braids. It then joins again into a single six-thread braid, splits again into two again. Then the ends are knotted off. So it has three ends. 

It’s a thing. It’s kinda ugly, but it also is a way of constructing, of making a framework or something like that. It doesn’t help so much that it is made out of pale peach coloured fabric. Maybe I should have chosen the bright orange. 

I’m looking online now and six-thread braids are definitely not inherently messy. Oh well, the only option then is to blame my tools :-)

There are various ways to make six-thread braids, it seems. Perhaps I can make ugly lumpy versions of each one.