Crow Journal 6

25 / 04 / 2023

Thoughts about crows, sightings, encounters, communication ... 
So, about this costume.

I repaired a woven rug the other day. The warp threads along both sides had broken in a few places which meant that the rug was coming undone along both edges. I bought the rug for 10 € at the thrift market and didn’t really unravel it until I got home. I knew it was cheap, and that explained why. Better than a big burn mark in the middle, I guess.

I felt disheartened for a little while but then I was thinking about it and I realised that this kind of rug would actually be very easy to repair. I would shorten the rug up to the point of the broken warp threads, and then reknot each of the warps all the way along, retightening the weave as I went.

It was exciting. I was impatient to do the work. We went away for a few days, so I couldn’t do it, and then we had organised to go for a run and clean our rooms before doing anything on the day after we got back. Then we had a nap. But I didn’t sleep so well because I was thinking about the rug.

The job took me maybe three hours and it looks great. 

There is another patch in the middle of the rug where a single warp thread has broken and I will need to fix this, too. You can see it on the third picture to the left. I need to think a little more about how to fix that but I think it will be simple.

All this made me think a lot about making the crow costume, and how I could do that, and also how great and healthy a thing it is to have the hands busy at something other than a keyboard.

I would like to go to the woven rug shop and see what materials they have that say ‘CROW’ to me. I would like the materials to be used, or second-hand, or very cheap. That feels right. I like the idea of weaving. I also want to use the bright orange and pink threads that I saved from the rug.


You make things from nothing.

Crow. You do not see trash and trash, but rather ...

Something to eat

Something to build a nest from

Something to fashion a tool with

Something shiny to covet

Something to enjoy destroying


I see you as a black shape

A simple cutout


How do you see yourself?

How do you navigate the 


Of your ragged edges?