Format: Text, Reading event
30 Jul — 19 Aug 2018
Residency at The Watch, Berlin
45 min
Publication: Online PDF
Radio broadcast: Transmissions (7 Nov 2019)

Concept, text: Chris Gylee
Artistic support:
Record selectors:
Yewande  Adeniran, Toria Banks, Elie Gregory,  Rob Johnstone, Cormac McAdam, Valerie Renay, Sybren Renema, Jo Zahn
Reference book selector:
Kate Gallon
Ania Aristarkhova, Claudia Basrawi, Marcos Brias, Agathe Chion, Jorge de Hoyos, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Rhyannon Styles, Sirje Viise
Voice for radio broadcast: Mmakgosi Kgabi
Julian Hemelberg

Supported by: The Watch, within the residency series Transmissions (2018/19), curated by Lydia Hamann, Dominique Hurth, Jo Zahn

In August, Chris takes up a three week residency in a former Berlin Wall watchtower. He will visit the tower eight times, unlock the door, and climb the metal stairs to the top floor, a cool box of concrete and glass. He will carry an LP record with him on each occasion. A neglected masterpiece, a magic session caught in time, a transmission from a music-ghost. Selected by eight experts, vinyl collectors, obscurity-lovers He will play the LP in full, all the windows open wide. Music spilling out across the scrubby grass of the surrounding park.

He will write under the influence of the record. One text per record. No writing once the record comes to an end, as the needle stops.

The text is a dedication It is addressed personally, from an I to a you Each text is for a different voice to utter. Eight voices.

In the final week of the residency, Chris will be joined at the tower by these eight voices. Voices unaccustomed to being next to one another. Bodies in a new configuration. Citizens, outsiders, called to a seance-dinner.
The voices will read their texts in turn. Having never seen the words before. Reading for the first time.

A transmission is to cause a force to be conveyed through a medium.

Strong forces
Conveyed by eight voices
To the ghosts
The missing
The figments
The long forgotten
The dimly remembered
The half light.

The observation tower is reoccupied and repurposed in the summer dusk, by an assembly of voices, a strange chorus sending dedications into the ether.

This one goes out to you.

The above images include photographs by Julian Hemelberg.

Dedications is a ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS project, as part of a residency at The Watch within the context of the Transmissions cycle (2018/19).

Additional thanks to: Dominique Hurth; Mmakgosi Kgabi; Cristina Nyffeler; Jo Zahn.