On note on journalling during the research period. 
I kept a journal during the research period. I did not write in it everyday, but it still became a place to work out my thoughts. It had been my intention to publish these journals with on this webpage with the rest of the outcomes from my resarch. 

When I realised I would not feel comfortable publishing everything I wrote, I thought that I would publish some of them. Perhaps I would choose at the end which to publish and which to keep private.

After making this decision, I realised that I was editing what I was writing as I was writing it. There were certain things I stopped expressing because I knew that these things would mean I would not publish that particular entry to the journal. I also began valuing the publishable entries over the private ones and spending more time on them, even though, in the end they were less satisfying.

In the end I took the decision not to publish any of my journal entries, so I could write freely. 

My journal from this research period will therefore remain private for now.