Geographies 1

This is a first experiment in imagining a map of a place as defined by the acts of Queer love and sex that happened there. What if our landmarks were not hills or rivers, or villages or railways, or borders and frontlines, but rather the places we kissed one another, touched one another, and made one another cum. How would the land feel if these echoes were preserved in a map?
A and E had anal sex against the wall at the back of the stables. D watched them and masturbated.

A pressed her toe between K’s legs while they were repairing clothes in their grandmother’s house by the water mill and made her cum.

G got an erection sitting in the front of H’s car when he took him home after soccer practice and when H noticed he got an erection too and they masturbated one another until they came in the carpark at the back of the warehouse.

E kissed B in the laundry room of the hotel they both worked in and then they pressed their hands all over one another’s clothed bodies.

H told Z that he loved him when they got drunk one night sitting on the ridge overlooking the abandoned factory and then Z said he didnt feel the same but hugged him and then they both got hard and kissed and rubbed their penises together until Z came.

S and S went on a fishing trip together at one of the big lakes for three nights. They slept in a tent in one another’s arms and didn’t catch any fish.

E drove D and his uncle to the hospital in the nearest town when his uncle had a heart attack. It was a four hour drive and they had to leave his uncle at the hospital overnight. They slept in the car in a field beside the road and kissed and made each other cum with their hands and lips.

F liked to walk out into the hills on his own and find a quiet place and take all his clothes off and masturbate.

E and E and P went for picnics in the summertime in the high pastures overlooking the valley. They talked about the boys they found the most beautiful and practiced kissing on one another. They walked home arm in arm and then P went home and E and E went back to E’s house and had sex until the sun came up.

J and H prayed together and went to mosque together. On Sunday nights, H walked across the main square and down the narrow lane beside the market to where J lived. They cooked dinner together and watched a movie and then they kissed and had sex before H went back home to sleep with his wife.

E and B fell in love. They mostly had sex in B’s bedroom when his family was out in their house on the long lane that snaked north out of the village and met the highway at the tractor depot.

E and D had been lovers since they were in school. Even after they were both married they still met regularly. They were ‘like sisters’ their families said. One day they packed a small bag and caught the bus out of the village together from the concrete square at the back of the football pitch.