Notes One

01 / 05 / 2023

A place to think about and note down ideas and challenges to develop the script of The Crowboy ... 

So far, it feels as though a story is arising on its own. We’ll see what happens. I don’t have a strong imagination for the stage yet. I think it will be quite architectural and minimal. There is a direction of the piece I can imagine being quite traditional and I think that’s OK. Not to be scared by straightforward narrative. I would like to think about how to work in the actual crows more perhaps. 


There are definitely more ways than one to write this play. At the moment, I am working with a literal and storytelling style. I feel a slight frustration with this approach already, though I think there is fruit in exploring it to the end. It feels like this is one method to explore the story of the Crowboy, but it also feels very direct and maybe too ‘on the nose’ as a method of storytelling. I think I want to get through this version of the play as a way of knowing what it could be just like this, even though it is too dense in many ways. I think getting through it will teach me a lot. Maybe not to the end but getting all the ideas out. 

The other idea that is coming up is something much more abstract that involves collaging sound and imagery of crows along with the interviews. I think the naturalistic storytelling method could also work alongside this. As an element of it. 


This piece is really about the central character. So perhaps it is a monologue. But perhaps not. The figure of the crowboy could also be ‘played’ by video of real crows.