Performance Ideas

These are sketches of on-stages manifestations of the ideas developed in this research project. I envisage these imaginations to continue throughout the working period ...
A performance lecture that is set up like a language teaching class, or perhaps better, a linguistics lecture at a university. The person giving the lecture is an academic and is played dry. Dead pan. The lecture is the comparative morphology of the verb systems of various languages of the North Caucasus — such as Chechen, Ingush, Avar, Adyge, and so on. The lecture begins as expected, but as it goes on, the glosses of all the example sentences are overtly Queer in their context. As the lecture goes on, the content of the glosses becomes an erotic Queer story that the audience can follow. 

  • A Ted Talk type set up with a projection screen and a podium, audience seating
  • Projector and content
  • Microphone
  • Simple idea and set-up, perhaps a very complex script to get right

An epic poem written in the style of the epic poems of the Caucasus, north and south but with a Queer recontextualisation. I could imagine this poem being performed by multiple performers, perhaps even sung, or as a chorus. It would be interesting if it were accompanied by a film projection onto the back wall. The things that come to my mind are black and white, for some reason, perhaps simple imagery of mountains, or close ups of Queer people kissing. 

  • Projectors
  • Lighting
  • Sound system
  • Multi-performer performance for a large proscenium space