Performance Ideas

These are sketches of on-stages manifestations of the ideas developed in this research project. I envisage these imaginations to continue throughout the working period ...
This performance idea would begin with the results of one of those online DNA tests. The results would be displayed to the audience and then the remaining part of the performance would be a discussion of what those results mean. The aim of the performance would be discuss how DNA testing is a very limited and flawed way of looking at how to answer the question ‘Who am I?’. The idea would be to examine concepts of nationality and family and belonging through a purely bloodline based lens, and then critique them. Critiques would examine Queer family and belonging, the fictional nature of the ethno-state, and colonial ideas of blood purity. 

  • A fairly empty stage
  • Projector and content
  • Microphone
  • Simple idea and set-up, perhaps a very complex script to get right

A piece that is related to a family photo album. This performance could take the form of a talk where the performer presents family portraits and talks about those people. The content could begin as being based in fact and well researched, but then slip into fiction as the piece goes on. The idea would be to take the audience on a journey that becomes slowly more and more fantastical and ridiculous and thus acts as a critique of genealogy and family trees as anything other than a pseudo-science. It would be interesting for the performance to involve more than one performer from different backgrounds.

  • Projector
  • Simple stage set up
  • Complex script requirements
  • Multi-performer performance?