We Come With Nothing

Format: Performance
19 Aug 2020
Theater neben dem Turm, Marburg
37 min
Publication: Online PDF

Direction, text, performance, design: Chris Gylee & Aslan

Supported by: Theater neben dem Turm in the context of the festival FÜR DICH, FÜR DICH, FÜR DICH

To request a print copy of  the published script via post (subject to availability), please  email us.

No phone-calls.
No texts.
No emails.
No birthday greetings.
No post-cards.
No nothing.

What happens when our relationships end in estrangement? What is this ‘nothing’ we are left with that takes up so much space in our hearts and minds? Is it really a void? Or is it something else? Can there be such a thing as ‘no-thing’? What do we discover when we stare into this black hole?
We Come With Nothing is a new performance by the collective ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS exploring the dark side of entanglement. Inspired by the form of Olga Tokarczuk’s ‘constellation novels’ and ghost stories, We Come With Nothing conjures a world of images and connections with words and bodies alone. It is a work made with no things.

No lights.
No scenery.
No music.
No props.
No special costumes.
No nothing.

The above images include stills taken from rehearsal documentation and footage filmed during spring 2020.

We Come With Nothing is a ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS production.

Additional thanks to:  the team at Theater neben dem Turm; Jason Corff; Amber Fasquelle; Tom Oldham.