Performance Ideas

These are sketches of on-stages manifestations of the ideas developed in this research project. I envisage these imaginations to continue throughout the working period ...
The stage space is set out as a large relief map of the Caucasus. Or as a relief map of a small part of the Caucasus. Or as a relief map of some anonymous hills and valleys. The realisation of the relief map could be done in various ways: it could be a projection; it could be a two-dimensional map pasted onto the floor; it could be drawn onto the floor as part of the performance; it could be built in three-dimensional relief as a scenography; it could be imaginary. This topography would be described in detail by the performer(s) as a way of travelling there. Perhaps with a text such as this. There could also be sound design that supports the telling of the story such as might appear in a radio play. Once the scene is set, the topography would then be explored in terms of the Queer sexual encounters that have taken place in each of the areas, perhaps with a text like this. I would also anticipate that this be a part of a larger exploration.

  • A way of creating a large floor-sized topographical map over the space
  • A projector? A scenography? A paper map pasted down?
  • Lighting and sound design
  • At least one performer to deliver the text

An interview based installation. I would interview Queer people from the region and ask them about their Queerness and their experiences. The space would be more of a white box gallery space where audience can enter and spend as much time as they want. Black and white video footage of the landscapes would be projected onto all four walls and the interview soundtrack would be edited into a continuous loop that is played into the space. All the interviews would be anonymous and anonymised. The transcripts of the interviews would be printed as a book with accompanying stills of the video footage. 

  • White box gallery space with projections or LCD walls
  • Projectors
  • Lighting
  • Sound system
  • Expensive performance for a big gallery