The Mountain of Tongues

Format: Research project, texts, films
Dates: Oct — Dec 2022
Language: English
Publication: Online

Research, text, film: Aslan

Research Proposal

Queerness exists everywhere and in all times, yet there are places I cannot safely go unless I hide my Queerness and hope it is not detected. In The Mountain of Tongues I will investigate how to step into these places and times with my Queerness intact by imagining and creating versions of them that are as Queer as I am. My research will focus on the Caucasus — known as The Mountain of Tongues. I am drawn to its languages and landscapes but afraid of its notoriously violent Queerphobia. I ask if, as a Queer person, I can express this attraction and fascination by imagining a Queer version of this place.

I have seen only one photo of my mysterious great grandfather. I know only that his name was Gyorgi and my grandma said he came from Southern Russia — the Caucasus perhaps. He died long before I was born. If we lived at the same time, would he want to know me? Or would he be another place I cannot go to without hiding my Queerness? From October to December 2022, I will attempt to ‘travel’ without travelling and have ‘conversations’ with people who are distant and unreachable. I will collect images, film, and biographies from the Caucasus as well as the sounds of its languages and music. I will record my imagined encounters as diary entries, short writings, short films, and performative experiments. I hope these alternative Queer geographies and histories, blurring fact with fiction, can later be shared with audiences in an accessible and emotionally connected way.



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List of Contents


#1. A List of Questions.
#2. A Dreamed Poem.
#3. A Conversation with my Great Grandfather.
#4. Approaching the Border.
#5. On Fear and What (Not) to Publish.
#6. Geographies, 1.
#7. Crossing the Border.
#8. Diaries.
#9. The Land Knows.
#10. The Morphology of the Verb.
#11. Geographies, 2.
#12. I am Not My Blood - thinking about Kim Tallbear.
#13. A Dream I Had About Pineapple Juice.



#1. Film 1.
#2. Film 2.
#3. Film 3.

#1. Sound 1.
#2. Sound 2.
#3. Sound 3.


Performance Ideas, 1.
Performance Ideas, 2.
Performance Ideas, 3.
Performance Ideas, 4.

Performance Experiment, 1.
Performance Experiment, 2.
Performance Experiment, 3.

The above images include stills from open access archive footage — ‘Inside Russia’, 1930.

The Mountain of Tongues is a #TakeHeart research project by Aslan, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.