The Mountain of Tongues

Format: Research project, texts, films
Dates: Oct — Dec 2022
Language: English
Publication: Online

Research, text, film: Aslan
Queerness exists everywhere and in all times, yet there are places I cannot safely go unless I hide my Queerness and hope it is not detected. In The Mountain of Tongues I will investigate how to step into these places and times with my Queerness intact by imagining and creating versions of them that are as Queer as I am. My research will focus on the Caucasus — known as The Mountain of Tongues. I am drawn to its languages and landscapes but afraid of its notoriously violent Queerphobia. I ask if, as a Queer person, I can express this attraction and fascination by imagining a Queer version of this place.

I have seen only one photo of my mysterious great grandfather. I know only that his name was Gyorgi and my grandma said he came from Southern Russia — the Caucasus perhaps. He died long before I was born. If we lived at the same time, would he want to know me? Or would he be another place I cannot go to without hiding my Queerness? From October to December 2022, I will attempt to ‘travel’ without travelling and have ‘conversations’ with people who are distant and unreachable. I will collect images, film, and biographies from the Caucasus as well as the sounds of its languages and music. I will record my imagined encounters as diary entries, short writings, short films, and performative experiments. I hope these alternative Queer geographies and histories, blurring fact with fiction, can later be shared with audiences in an accessible and emotionally connected way.


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List of Contents

#1    A List of Questions
#2   A Dreamed Poem
#3   A Conversation with my Great Grandfather
#4   Performance Ideas, 1.

The above images include stills from open access archive footage — ‘Inside Russia’, 1930.

The Mountain of Tongues  is a #TakeHeart research project by Aslan, supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.